Dr. Tozzi’s Top 10 Reasons Why Energy Drinks are a Health Hazard

1. The marketing of fortified energy drinks relies to a great degree on predatory and deceptive advertising. The companies that distribute these drinks prey on the ignorance of youth. Energy drinks do not fall into the same category of “refreshments” as juice, coffee or soda.

2. Energy drinks increase the body’s demand for oxygen, while decreasing blood volume (high osmolality) and the ability to bring blood flow to muscles and organs.

3. Consumption of one 8 oz. can of energy drink provides the total recommended daily allotment of sugar. The result is increased insulin levels and the promotion of obesity and dental cavities.

4. Use of energy drinks promotes a culture of drugs, not health – and can be the gateway to other forms of stimulant/drug use.

5. Energy drinks pose the potential for multiple caffeine-induced DSM-IV psychiatric disorders. The four disorders include:
-Caffeine intoxication
-Caffeine-induced anxiety disorder
-Caffeine-induced sleep disorder
-Caffeine-related disorder not otherwise specified

6. Energy drinks may be lethal when consumed by a child with an underlying undiagnosed cardiac condition.

7. When energy drinks are mixed with other medications or nutritional supplements, increased toxicity occurs. Combining these drinks with medications for ADHD, asthma or heart disease may be lethal.

8. Use of energy drinks with alcohol gives a misguided sense of not being intoxicated. The result is excessive consumption of alcohol and caffeine.  This increases the risk of injury, abuse and death.

9. Regular consumption of energy drinks increases risk of MI (heart attack) or stroke by decreasing endothelial function and increasing platelet aggregation.

10. Toxic levels of caffeine may cause seizures, arrhythmias or death.

Energy Drink Dangers

Dr. Tozzi appears with Dr. Manny Alvarez on Health Talk at FoxNewsHealth.com, Nov. 17, 2010, to discuss how dangerous these caffeinated beverages can be (click on the blue link to view video at FoxNews.com): http://video.foxnews.com/v/4423504/